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Abortion and Men?

Yes, I know this is a dangerous topic but the purpose of this thread is to stop half the debate....MEN.

Men need to STFU on the subject of abortion.

They are intellectually DISHONEST.

[attempted humor]
[tongue]You can bet your bottom dollar that if men got pregnant abortion would be legal through age 21. That's right. We'd DEMAND the right to take out the  snot nosed smart assterisk anytime prior to his/her 21 birthday![eek]
[/attempted humor]

I am fed up listening to men and there opinions regarding abortion.

It's not our issue and it's not our problem.

Personally, I'm Pro Choice, but I believe INTELLECTUALLY the CHOICE should be to have the baby.

That being said, I'm a 60 year old man and if I woke up PREGNANT tomorrow morning I wouldn't pay the price that it takes to care for a child. If I'm being intellectually honest with myself then I'd have to admit that I'd more likely than not make the "other" choice if actually confronted with the circumstance.

This is a female issue between their God and themselves.

So PLEASE,... men,... PLEASE stop the intellectual dishonesty.

I'm NOT looking to start a debate on the issue of abortion. I'm simply stating men need to shut up since they will never be faced with the situation.

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