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Click HERE to/too hear the Official Thread Theme Song titled DrumRoll.


The words, which, I DID NOT WRITE are provided below, to wit:

You won't find me, knockin' at your door.
I've known forever, you don't love me no more.
If you don't want to lay there, with your mouth shut tight,
I'm gettin' myself together, yes, I'm leavin' tonight

You ain't gonna' find nobody, to treat you like I do.
I been down on my knees, you treat me like a fool.
Now, I know what you're tryin' to do, awww, it ain't gonna' happen.
'Cause I just done got hip to you, I'm gonna' walk out laughin'.

Mark Farner wrote the song, I think, or maybe it was Don Brewer or maybe it was Mel Snatcher either or or ALL three I THEIR WAY I HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COMPOSITION, PERFORMANCE OR RECORDING OR THE LIVE PERFORMANCE OF THAT SONG.

I did see Grand Funk Railroad live at Kiel Autotorium in downtown St. Louis, MO with my then girlfriend BUT DO NOT HAVE AN INDEPENDENT RECOLLECTION WHETHER or NOT THEY PLAYED THAT TUNE THAT NIGHT.

Butt, that IS not what this thread is about.

This thread about is about me legally removing a Florida Elected Clueless Clown from office for cause.

To wit:

An open letter to the Florida General Public:

Mr. Mrs. Ms. Alex Sink, THE Chief Financial Officer for THE state of Florida.

Mr. Mrs. Ms. Alex Sink has been giving life insurance and Variable annuity and Equity Indexed Annuity and Traditional FIXED annuity and Fixed Indexed Annuity advice to Florida Senior Citizens WITHOUT being licensed by the Florida Department of Insurance.

This is a THIRD DEGREE FELONY in Floirda punishable by a MAXIMUM penalty of FIVE (5) years in jail OR a $5,000 dollar fine or BOTH. I think, I'll have to check with Dan on THAT one (1).

Yes, Perry Mason, thank you for asking, I DO HAVE ENOUGH EVIDENCE and the law on my side to make this fraud merchant banker who ran Barnett Bank into the ground go to jail with Bernard Madoff.

The LAW in the state of Florida is clear, concise AND UNamBIGuUS.

If you go to and click on the link that says:

Check out your insurance agent.

Then type Sink where it says, Licensee Last Name: hint, don't forget to click the little radio dot on the thingy that says, Licensee Last Name.
I'll provided the graphic below as to who comes up, butt, before I DO THAT, let me provide Law Enforcement a photo of this alleged SUSPECTED FRAUD MERCHANT SNAKE OIL SALESMANWOMAN.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Sorry if you don't like your picture hot linked to too. Perhaps you should Google, NO RIGHT CLICK CODE.

What evidence you asked?

Below EVIDENCE...donde is Mr. Mrs. Ms. Sink?

Pursuant to Florida Statute 626.747's EXPLICIT LANGUAGE?


626.747  Branch agencies.-- (1)(a)  Each branch place of business established by an agent or agency, firm, corporation, or association shall be in the active full-time charge of a licensed general lines agent or life or health agent who is appointed to represent one or more insurers. Any agent or agency, firm, corporation, or association which has established one or more branch places of business shall be required to have at least one licensed general lines agent who is appointed to represent one or more insurers at each location of the agency including its headquarters location.


(b)  Notwithstanding paragraph (a), the licensed agent in charge of an insurance agency may also be the agent in charge of additional branch office locations of the agency if insurance activities requiring licensure as an insurance agent do not occur at any location when the agent is not physically present and unlicensed employees at the location do not engage in any insurance activities requiring licensure as an insurance agent or customer service representative.

Further, Florida Statute 626.785  Qualifications for license. says to wit:

(1)  The department shall not grant or issue a license as life agent to any individual found by it to be untrustworthy or incompetent, or who does not meet the following qualifications:

(e)  Must take and pass any examination for license required under s. 626.221.

(f)  Must be qualified as to knowledge, experience, or instruction in the business of insurance and meet the requirements relative thereto provided in s. 626.7851.

Affiant Further Sayeth NOT.

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