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Update: October 17th 2017, Now they hired an employee.

An American success story. 

Dear Friends, 

Let me tell you about an American success story. 

Last year a couple with mama 6 months pregnant comes rolling up to the house on their bicycles, towing a lawn mower and balancing the weed whacker on the handle bars wanting to know if they could cut my grass for $25 dollars. 

Now I’m a firm believer that if anyone is willing to work, people are willing to pay. 

So I said, "Sure." 

That was last year. 

This year they show up in a truck, towing a trailer, with a riding lawn mower, weed whacker and blower. 

Now I wonder how many in government, in their gated communities, would have hired my lawn service people, after all, you know without knowing they have a “checkered” past. 

Remember, dirty callused hands with filthy fingernails is indicative of CLEAN money, pretty boy politician hands with manicured nails is dirty money. 

Now go take on the day.

Toll free: 1-877-331-GARY

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