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Have you ever done the math on drug addicted women.  So called homeless poor souls. They have at least a $100 per day habit, plus they pay about $50 bucks a day to live at the run down, “no tell motel" that’s ($1,500 per month), plus they are supporting their baby daddy’s habit of at least another $50 bucks a day.

Do the math, an average of $200 per day turning tricks, 7 days a week, equals $1,400 per week or $72,800 per year.

Do you make $72,800 per year INCOME TAX FREE?

They also receive food stamps in the neighborhood of $200 to $600 per month depending on how many white trash children they have. No, they don’t buy food with the EBT card,  they sell it for 50% of its value to buy drugs. So angry white men, who are paying the tax, get their food for 50% off!!!

What a country!  Only  in Amerika.

They are also not unintelligent. They’ve got the system by the balls wrapped around their little finger.

So the next time you feel sorry for that down and out poor soul turning tricks and doing drugs REMEMBER she takes home a minimum of $72,800 PER YEAR.

These are not harsh words, these are mathematical facts.

Now go take on the day and stop having misplaced and misguided compassion.

Oh and for those of you demanding $15 dollar per hour, that’s only $600 per week.  The bitchez are makin’ three (3) times THAT!!!

By the way, only 1 in 35 junkies EVER gets clean, about 3%. For the rest it’s death or jail.

I get a kick out of these drug addiction rehab commercials that state if you have health insurance it will pay for the cost of drug treatment…like a junkies gonna buy health insurance.[rolleyes] Drug rehab is one the best, most lucrative legal frauds out there. Their success rates do not exceed spontaneous remission.

That’s right,  1 in 35 will get clean, regardless.

Why this rant?

It’s a slow day at the office.


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Drug is not at all good for anyone. When my sister took treatment from virginia opiate addiction treatment center found maximum women. They were addicts but I was really happy to see my sister’s fast recovery.

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Totaly disagree with you, Waithe41We must distinguish one type of drug from another. To understand the difference between what do steroids do and what, for example, painkillers. Thus, we can not compare all the addictions. But if we are talking about addictions that need rehabilitation, and health insurance will pay for the cost of drug treatment, this is not justified. And it looks like a profitable legal fraud.
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