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Financial Planning 101 

#1) Pay off high interest credit cards and STOP viewing your credit limit as if it’s cash on hand in the bank, it’s not, it’s brutal DEBT. Don’t be like the United States Federal Government who makes interest only payments on their debt and keeps raising their credit limit and borrowing-spending more, digging their debt black hole deeper and deeper. 

#2) Pay off your car loan then DRIVE the car until the wheels fall off. Every month you don’t have a car payment is money in your pocket. An occasional repair bill is way less money out of pocket than an "all-the-time" auto loan payment. 

#3) Don’t rent. Buy a house then pay your home off and don’t use your home as an ATM. Home Equity Lines of Credit are sucker loans especially if you use the BORROWED money to buy a car, buy a boat, buy new boobs, go on vacation, Christmas gifts, trips to Disney, investing in the stock market, buy household furnishings and other worthless things. 

#4) Have some sort of an emergency fund. Even if it’s only a $1,000. 

#5) Understand if you don’t have a house payment and you don’t have a car payment and you don’t have any credit card debt is the ONLY way you can tell your employer to take this job and shove it. 

Otherwise you are nothing more than a modern day slave.
A slave to your lenders and a slave to your employer. 

Now go take on the day.

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