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Insurance is the cornerstone of any financial plan.

Without insurance your financial plan isn't sound, its built on quick sand.

You have to transfer your risk of loss to professional risk management firms.

Nobody likes buying insurance including insurance agents.

Insurance companies are multi-billion dollar conglomerates.

By the way, would you do business with a poor, struggling, just-getting-by insurance company?

Your insurance agent is your Primary Financial Planner.

Anyone who tells you any different is a kool-aid drinker who can't separate Sales Talk from Financial Facts.


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I have been researching on the best ways to invest my money but, I have not heard anything about much about Forex trading. Actually my friend told me about Forex trading. I just want to know, is it a good way to invest our money?

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It’s true that insurance is an important part of financial planning. Thus, all planners focus on getting insurance. I just consulted with a personal financial advisor Las Vegas and he suggested having medical insurance. Liked his advice a lot.
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