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How our government operates: 

A militant political activist with a degree in political science goes to work in the media and wants to make a difference. 

They identify a perceived injustice, let’s say, bicyclists getting killed riding their bicycles on U.S. 19 and other major thoroughfares. 

They do news stories on the "Bike Rider’s Crisis" and show video of mangled bikes and dead bicyclist. 

It’s unfair that people can’t ride their bikes on major roads with 3,000 pound cars whizzing by at 60 mph. So they report the casualties of this perceived injustice and declare you should have the RIGHT to the roadway just as much as the automobiles. 

Government needs to do something!

So the legislature springs into action and passes new laws stating bicycle riders have the “Right of Way” and automobiles are to share the road with them. This new law gives the government satisfaction that no more people will get killed riding their bicycles on major roadways in Florida because they passed a law that says so. 

They spend untold thousands of dollars painting bicycle lanes on U.S. 19, Tampa Rd., Ulmerton, S.R. 54, Gulf to Bay, and other major roads. This makes the militant political activist have orgasms of joy that they are now SAFE to ride their bicycles on major thoroughfares.

Common sense NEVER enters the equation…they, (the media), NEVER report to the voting population that you’re a brain dead moron if you ride your bicycle in the street on major roads in Florida. 

Bicycle death rates remain EXACTLY the same as before the new law was passed with its new rules and regulations and untold thousands of dollars wasted on painting bicycle lane non-sense. They NEVER report that fact. They never report it’s very dangerous to ride your bicycle with 3,000 pound cars whizzing by at 60 mph, no that’s NOT FAIR. To hell with physics, this is about your RIGHTS! 

And that my friend is how our local, state and federal governments operate…they are reactionary to whatever story the media decides to sell commercial time about the crisis or perceived injustice of the day.
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