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How to live like a millionaire without a million bucks?

Or at least get close, is $800,000 enough for you?

Would you be proud as a peacock if you had $800,000 cash on hand?

Follow my simple math:

Typical house payment, principal and interest, $1,200 PER MONTH, (smart investment);

Typical car payment, $400 PER MONTH, (for the used car you've been driving);

Typical credit card debt, $400 PER MONTH, (you don't even know what you bought);

That's two (2) THOUSAND ($2,000 dollars) per month GONE!

$24,000, GONE, every year!

Do you realize if you paid off your credit card debt, paid off your car loan, then systematically paid off your home how much MONEY that's worth in terms of interest earnings on cash?

It's worth the equivalent of having $800,000 dollars cash!

At 3% interest $800,000 would generate $24,000 per year or $2,000 per month.

That's how valuable it is to get yourself DEBT FREE.

Stop being a modern day slave to a bank, a finance company, a mortgage company or YOUR EMPLOYER.

Keep your money in YOUR POCKET, not theirs.

Now go take on the day.
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