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WARNING: This is a rant!

Just because it's a medical procedure doesn't mean it should be paid for by medical insurance.


#1) Abortion; pay for your own damn abortion.

#2) Viagra; pay for your own dix stiffening medication, we all know most guys use it for performance reasons anyway.

#3) Birth control; keep you legs together or pay for it yourself. 

#4) Pre-existing conditions REGARDLESS of your choice to go without coverage; Sorry, if you went without coverage and now had a medical problem blame yourself. Pay your own bill. The white collar fraud merchants will cut the bill by about 67% if you're self-pay and will take monthly payments.

#5) Well child care; Pay for your own kids shots, they are "your kids" not "ours."

#6) Mental illness; Sorry folks, most of these people live in denial they have a mental problem and refuse to stay on their meds. Head meds aren't that expensive and the problem is in their head.

#7) Drug addiction; NOBODY is holding you down shoving the needle in your arm. You did this to yourself and only 1 in 35 junkies EVER gets clean. Drug treatment success rates DO NOT exceed spontaneous remission. In other words, YES, 1 in 35 will get clean regardless of drug rehab, some people do turn right and go straight. Usually after jail and financial ruin. Drug rehab is one of the MOST lucrative legal frauds.

#8) Sex change operations; Pay for you own "chopadickoffame" or "addadicktome" procedures. You're the one who "feels" like you're a woman trapped in a man's body or vice versa. Your feelings shouldn't effect my pocket book.

#9) Benefits even though you were in the commission of a crime; Look if you are a terrorist mowing down people on a New York City bike path and the police shoot you, (we) and insurance should NOT be paying for your medical bills, sorry did it to yourself. Personally, I wouldn't even call the EMTs and I'd let you bleed out in the parking lot.

#10) Experimental treatments that are unproven by science. I know, I know...what if was YOU or your spouse or your child or your grandchild. Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer even though he spend millions on unproven experimental treatments. NOBODY, (not even Jesus Christ himself), gets out of this life alive. If it bothers you psychologically that you WILL NOT get out of this life alive may I suggest a nervous breakdown (see #6 above) or of course suicide is always a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

While you may have enjoyed reading my rant these are things the bozos in Washington are stuck on. They just can't bring themselves to implementing common sense EXCLUSIONS that should not be covered and are not medically necessary.

....and let me add add one (1) more to the list....#11) Self-Inflicted Injury. If your suicide attempt was unsuccessful medical insurance should not be paying your medical bills...once again you did this to yourself and the collective premium paying public should NOT have to share in your insanity.
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