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Medical Insurance? 

It’s too funny watching these lawyers in Washington trip all over themselves trying to figure out healthcare.

Healthcare wasn’t broke until the government “fixed” it. 

Let me help them…it’s my patriotic duty. 

Dear Government,

Get out of the medical insurance industry. That includes ALL state governments. 

Allow professional insurance companies to design ANY plan they choose with ANY exclusions and limitations they please. Then you PAY insurance agents a commission to sell the plans, 25% first year commission with 5% renewals. Simple. It’s called competition. 

Stop DEMANDING your political non-sense be a covered expense. Let those that want to be covered with political non-sense buy it as a rider or optional coverage. 

The first place a professional insurance agent will direct a client’s attention will be the EXCLUSIONS and LIMITATIONS clause, things that are NOT covered. I hate to be rhetorical but ALL medical conditions are covered EXCEPT what’s excluded. If the prospective client is “okay” with the limitations and exclusions then so should the government. 

Now go take on the day.


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Great words, totally agree with you. Sometimes I feel like we all running in the circle with this healthcare system. And that happened even before I faced with the situation that wasn't covered my medical insurance, but I had no any idea about that, cause a lack of info from my agent. I used to have an awful bacterial cellulitis infection and had no idea what it is and how to cure this. I haven't gotten a qualified info and support in the hospital, unfortunately. So, I needed to search by myself info about this cellulitis infection, like here that helped me with the understanding what it is and how can I handle the issue.
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