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Men are dumber than a box of rocks...

...when it comes to their Estate Planning...they also suffer from apathetic ignorance...they don't know and they don't care.

If someone said to me, "Hey Gary, I got 1,000 leads for men who need Estate Planning or 10 women, which one do you want?" I'd take the 10 women EVERYTIME! I'd make more money than wasting my time with old men who still think they are bullet proof.

NOBODY gets out of this life ALIVE.

If you DO NOT understand when you die with a Last Will and Testament any assets that you own in your own singular INDIVIDUAL name will have to take an expensive and complicated trip through the Probate Court System, then you simply don't understand the document you signed.

Stop being Stuck-on-Stupid.

Yes, I know, you own everything jointly with your spouse. That simply means there won't be any Probate Court when the first spouse passes.

One spouse will ABSOLUTELY predecease the other and once both spouses are dead, BINGO, welcome to the Probate Court System.

A Probate Practice attorney will tell you Probate Court is no BIG DEAL.

Gee whiz, why would a Court proceeding be a big deal to an attorney?

It's the expense, 3% minimum on the inventory value of your Estate.

Read the Florida Law for yourself.

Florida Statue 733.6171

Compensation of attorney for the personal representative:

(a) One thousand five hundred dollars for estates having a value of $40,000 or less.

(b) An additional $750 for estates having a value of more than $40,000 and not exceeding $70,000.

(c) An additional $750 for estates having a value of more than $70,000 and not exceeding $100,000.

(d) For estates having a value in excess of $100,000, at the rate of 3 percent on the next $900,000.

Now go take on the day.
Fiduciary Financial Consultant

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