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O-BOMB-aCare is great and should be left alone! 

Mr. President Trump, 

Leave O-BOMB-aCare alone.

The free market system will make all the necessary corrections by itself. 

The government should stay out of this. 

Let the premium chips land as they will. 

The government has regulated medical insurance to its death based on political theory. 

Do you know why young healthy people aren’t “buying” into this coverage? 

Human nature. 

Certain forms of insurance are SOLD, not bought. 

Does that bother you psychologically? 

Since the government theorist have no experience in the marketing or selling of any form of insurance it’s no wonder their theoretical plan has failed. 

Okay, failed is too harsh, it’s GREAT, too bad nobody can afford it. 

By the way, what do you think drives the premiums? Agent commission? Insurance company profits? 

No silly, it’s the medical bills from the white collar fraud merchants known as: Doctors, Hospitals, Surgeons and Drug Companies. Nobody cares how unreasonably high the medical bill is as long as they don’t have to pay for it.


O-BOMB-aCare is a great form of medical insurance!!!

Guaranteed issue and no need to buy until AFTER the diagnosis!!!

What could possibly go wrong with insurance like THAT?

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