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Open letter to Senator John McCain: 

Dear Honorable John, 

Please allow me to help you figure out why medical insurance is UN-affordable to ALL except the richest corporations or the richest individuals or of course the government itself. 

Thanks to the USA medical information privacy laws, aka, HIPPA, nobody knows that you just had surgery for a cancer tumor on your brain. 

Now get out your calculator: 

We all know that procedure was well over $100,000 dollars. But for ease of mathematical calculation I’m just going use $100,000 dollars.

Do you understand that if your medical insurance monthly premium was $1,000 dollars per month it would take 100 months or (8 years - 4 months), of premiums for the insurance company to just break even on that one (1) singular claim? 

Now since your brain has been opened do you understand it’s NOT insurance agent commission that drives medical insurance premiums, it’s NOT insurance company profit that drives medical insurance premiums. 

NO, it’s the cost of the medical procedures, such as yours, that drive the costs through the roof from the white collar fraud merchants known as doctors, hospitals, surgeons and drug companies. 

Tell me something John, are you even going to look at your most recent medical bill and question WHY it’s so unreasonably high? Or do you not care because your medical insurance will pay it? 

The government demonized the medical insurance industry to get ObamaCare passed only to find out it’s the unreasonable rates charged by medical providers that drive premiums. Doctors, hospitals, surgeons and drug companies have been raping the medical billing system for DECADES. 

Oh and one more thing, 50 million young adults did not buy ObamaCare with ZERO fatalities. How come that’s not reported? 

Yeah, having medical insurance or NOT doesn't change the morbidity rate. 

The morbidity rate is the frequency with which a disease appears in a population. Morbidity rates are used in actuarial professions, such as health insurance, life insurance and long-term care insurance, to determine the correct premiums to charge to customers.

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