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Open letter to the poor butt hurt militant NFL players who don’t understand WHY you stand for the National Anthem:

Dear Butt Hurt NFL Players,

As you know injuries are a part of your sissy game. You get boo-boos. Sprained ankles, broken collar bones, knee twisted, get your bell rang every now and again and sometimes a nice, clean, femur fracture.

Now to put your boo-boos into perspective our military gets their eyes blown out, they have their guts eviscerated, brains dangling from what used to be their skull, they have their legs and arms blown off, they get paralyzed from the waist down and are no longer able to enjoy sex, throw a football in the back yard with their 10 year old son, drive a car and have to wear a bag attached to their intestines to discharge their human waste.

So after the game while you’re enjoying hookers and blow try to remember our military and police officers have suffered horrific injuries and life-long disabilities including DEATH so you are SAFE to play your game.

And THAT you militant, racist, protester is WHY you stand for the National Anthem.

Best regards,

Gary D. Spicuzza

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