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Suze Orman says: THIS (see below) about annuities...

Who Might Want to Buy an Index Annuity?

Anyone who wants to invest in the market but is afraid of losing any money.

No fooling Suze! Why do you think these contracts have become so popular since 1995?
One can participate is SOME of the gains of the market without risking one penny in principal.

She goes on to FINALLY say: 


Annuities: When to Say Yes

Is there ever a time where an annuity does make sense? Yes. We have seen how TSAs (Tax Sheltered Annuity) make sense, and sometimes index annuities, but there is also one other circumstance. If your goal is to have income during retirement years, you do not want to take any risk with this money, you want to avoid paying taxes now, but you are still not currently in a high enough tax bracket to make municipal bonds make sense, and lastly feel that you will be in an even lower tax bracket when you retire, then I do have to say that a single premium deferred annuity is great.

Thank you Suze Orman, you've just identified the two (2) target markets for FIXED annuities.

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