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THE, one (1) size, fits all, basic retirement plan.

#1) Pay off high interest credit cards and STOP viewing your credit line like its cash in the bank. Its NOT, it's brutal DEBT. Paid off credit cards means no annoying monthly debt. 

#2) Pay off your car and NEVER buy another brand new car unless you can stroke the check. Let someone else pay the depreciation. This means NO monthly car payment.

#3) Systematically pay off your home and DO NOT use you home as an ATM. DO NOT EVER take out a Home Equity Line of Credit UNLESS it's for capital improvements on the home or sound business plans. A paid off home means NO monthly mortgage payment; 

#4) OPTIONAL, get an HDTV antenna for FREE TV and save another $100 to $200 per month on your cable bill. NO over priced monthly cable bill. 

Just think how much money you’d have every month if you were completely DEBT FREE!
So....there you have it, THE basic one (1) size, fits all, retirement plan.

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