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They don't call themselves "Stock Brokers" anymore.

They are now called "Registered Representatives" so you don't know you're dealing with a Stock Broker.

The term "Registered Representative" is part of the systemic FRAUD on Wall St.

They also will get their insurance license to be able to sell the infamous bloated pig with lipstick known as a Variable Annuity but THEY ARE NOT INSURANCE AGENTS. You can thank Bill Clinton and the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 for that one. In less than ten years these FRAUD MERCHANTS have almost collapsed the USA monetary system.

A "Registered Representative" wouldn't ~know~ risk managment if he/she/it had a mouth full of it and they have done great harm to American's life savings with risky investments that are not suitable by age and financial objective for the client.

Most all of these losers are now out of the business and GOOD RIDDANCE!

Go sell used cars as that's going to be where the action is over the next five (5) years while the auto industry restructures.

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