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There are ONLY three (3) ways to die.

That's right folks there are only three (3) legal conditions under which you will die.

#1) No will; (assets distributed according to STATE LAW through the Probate Court System)

#2) With a will; (assets distributed according to the Will through the Probate Court System)

#3) With a trust. (Private Distribution), according to terms of the trust, NO PROBATE.)

That's it.

It's not that complicated.

Oh, and by the way, the more important documents to have are a:

Durable Power of Attorney; (Takes care of your financial affairs)

Healthcare Surrogate; (Takes care of your medical affairs)

Living Will. (Pull the plug advanced directive, end of life.)

The three (3) above documents mean some crisis has happened in your life and a trusted family member or close friend has to step in and take care of your financial and medical affairs while you're still alive.

Yes, it's going to happen to YOU.

Not even Jesus Christ himself got out of this life alive.

Now go take on the day.
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