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Understanding the USA government?


The first thing one must understand is they are, for the most part,…lawyers.

A lawyer’s mind is polluted with legal theory, legal fiction and legal procedure.

They are also paper tigers. They write words on paper, read those words, then feel like they have accomplished some great feat because they passed a new law that says so.

The “UN-Affordable Care Act” comes to mind.

They also lack common sense and are, *pedantically procedural.

When you vote for a Democrat, you’re voting for an openly perverted lawyer.

When you vote for a Republican, you’re voting for a closet pervert lawyer.

Please understand top government officials don’t live in the same USA you live in. They don’t pump their own gas, they don’t go to the grocery store, they don’t pay their own bills from their checking account. They have servants and maids and accountants.

Why am I writing this today?

So our government makes sense to you.

You see it all makes sense when you realize they are LAWYERS. There is no right, there is no wrong. There’s just “legal” or “illegal” and just because its “legal” doesn’t mean its “right!” example: (adultery is legal {non-criminal} but not right)

Just because its "illegal" doesn't mean its "wrong." example: (entering the country through the back door without permission is ILLEGAL, yet many in our government believe this is "RIGHT."

Now go take on the day. 

Fiduciary Financial Consultant


*Pedantically means, a narrow, often ostentatious concern for academic knowledge and formal rules. 

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