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Why the Un-Affordable Care Act has imploded?

I want to discuss medical insurance and why the government’s plan has failed. 

Let me start with ridiculous examples to drive home the point. 

Auto insurance, buy a new car, don’t buy car insurance, get in a crash, then buy full coverage after the fact and the insurance company pays for the car. 

Life insurance, have a heart attack, stroke, cancer, terminal disease, no life insurance, buy a policy after you’ve been diagnosed then die and the insurance company pays the death benefit. 

Homeowner’s insurance, buy a house, no homeowner’s  insurance, house burns down, buy policy after the disaster, insurance company buys you a new house. 

Disability income, become disabled, cannot work at any occupation, buy policy after you got sick or hurt and the insurance company pays you a monthly income. 

Sound ridiculous? Absurd? Unsustainable? 

You see the above is what has been mandated for medical insurance by the UN-Affordable Care Act, aka, Obamacare.  You CANNOT have any form of insurance without proper underwriting and you CANNOT buy insurance after the fact and then expect the claim to be paid, but that’s exactly what the government did with medical insurance. 

Obamacare was a solution looking for a problem. Medicare was already in place for those aged 65 and above. Medicaid was already in place for those in poverty. 

Medical Insurance is NOT a constitutional RIGHT. It’s insurance like any other form of insurance and without medical underwriting and with guaranteed issue AFTER the fact it will and has imploded. 

But what about the poor bastards who fell through the cracks and had to go bankrupt because of medical bills? Read, Florida Law, Chapter 222 to find out just what’s exempt. (Exempt assets are all the stuff you get to keep even though you're going bankrupt) Also going BANKRUPT DISCHARGES the debt. But let’s be consumed with emotion from the news media and ignore the facts. 

Further, YOUR medical bill is between YOU and the MEDICAL PROVIDER. The insurance company is NOT a party to that transaction. The insurance company is nothing more than a 3rd party YOU contracted with to reimburse YOU for YOUR medical expenses. 

My 2 cents.

Now go take on the day. 

P.S. You reading this Trump?

Let Obamacare implode.

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